Board of Director

Wuthichai Muangman


Krongkaew Tapnawach

Assistant Director

Phichit Chitmin

Assistant Director

Suwaluk Thamcher

Head of General Management

Wassana Pudchakarn

Chief of horticulture and decoration And Acting Head of Zoo Development

Kanchit Sukho

Acting Head of Animal Care

Kannikar Inpota

Chief of enrichment And Acting Head of Conservation Research and Animal Health Department

Sajikar Chantatong

Head of Business Development

Tipaporn Mapeng

Head of Education

. .


Jearanai Khamnualsil

Chief of benefits

Bunchaisiri Charoensri

Acting Chief of horticulture and decoration

Prasit Sriwong

Chief of mammal

Narudet Sriwichai

Chief of reptile

Detpathon Yinderod

Chief of engineer

Pririn Yana

Chief of public relation

Achcha Chingchai

Chief of financial

Nilapan Yamkly

Chief of material and vehiclee

Sutharat Sansukeeratanakul

Acting Chief of planing

Wachirakorn Khunjaidee

Chief of Accounting and Budget

Narongsak Yamkly

Chief of security

Natta Jomduang

Chief of personnel

Muttawan Bonpong

Chief of academic

Chuanpit Chaiprayun

Chief of educational media

Rachaneewan Panyatong

Chief of research

Wasan Panna

Chief of marketing activities

Somprattana SiriKulpan

Chief of nutrition

Runglawan Sangsiri

Chief of conservation

Bancha Chantatong

Chief of maintenance

Kwanreun Doungsa-ard

Acting Chief of enrichment

Tewarach Wechmanas

Chief of Animal Health

Jinnapat Chuchow

Chief of Project Management

Thanakorn Thadinchan

Acting Chief of Digital and information

Adilok Auttama

Acting Chief of support learning

Sunaree Jongwattanapisan

Chief of administration

Don Metapiwat

Acting Chief of poultry