To be the center of education, conservation, research and wild animal tourism of Chiang Mai Province and northern Thailand : Chiang Mai Zoo Director’s operational policy ;
  1. Protect and admire Royal Institution;
  2. Comply with policy of Zoological Park Organization Committee and Director of Zoological Park Organization;
  3. Manage the business with Good Governance, transparency and 12 core values;
  4. Take care of animal’s welfare, so that they have good living condition and animal feeding must be quality, clean and safe;
  5. Support officer operation and animal feeding in Chiang Mai at every level, encourage officer and employee to get knowledge in various aspect for self-improvement and capacity increase to the full extent;
  6. Inculcate the officer and employee to work with honesty, sincerity and auditability and also to love and get together in the organization;
  7. Apply information technology system as a work management tool to speed up the operation and to increase personnel efficiency;
  8. Cut down unnecessary cost and seek ways to continuously increase income, for example, focusing on active publication of special promotion;
  9. Focus on improving Chiang Mai Zoo to be tourist attraction for every group of tourists;
  10. Focus on improving Chiang Mai Zoo to be tourist attraction along with learning center outside the class;
  11. Focus on rare wild animal conservation and researches;
  12. Implement Green Zoo Policy at Chiang Mai Zoo, such as Manure Selling Project;
  13. Develop the zoo by using the available resources worthwhilely and beneficially, for example, to grow the plant that can feed to animal;
  14. Form ally with others who share the marketing distribution in order to lead to joint business operation; and
  15. Focus on providing services to tourist at the full extent for their convenience and safety in compliance with international standard, such as Customer Complaint Center and First Aid Room. :
Objective ;
  1. Elevate standard of zoo and wild animal research center of Thailand to international level sustainably;
  2. Promote good image and excellence of Zoological Park Organization and zoos under its supervision, so that it is accepted both at national and international levels :
Strategy ;
  • Strategy No. 1 : Develop the zoo with knowledge and use modern management professionally to gain efficiency;
  • Strategy No. 2 : Pay attention to animal welfare and ethics to improve quality of life of the animal and to make the living conditions similar to the nature, so they can live happily in the zoo.;
  • Strategy No. 3 : Develop zoo to be Learning and Creativity Center for the youth and to be a place for relaxing that focus on quality of service provided to general public and pay special attention to the disabled and the underprivileged.;
  • Strategy No. 4 : Achieve excellence in operation and innovation of research center for wild animal conservation ;
  • Strategy No. 5 : Form alliance and cooperate both in Thailand/ASEAN and other countries to support the development and elevate quality of Thai zoo to international level ;
  • Strategy No. 6 : Create balance in service providing with quality and expand income base securely and sustainably.