YMAX Real 4D

You will get a realistic movie watching experience that is extremely exciting from this brand new plaything. It will get your adrenaline rush and bring you imagination beyond limit. Enjoy the surreal experience with various kinds of 4D movie. Choose 1 movie that will bring you to crazy adventure with YMAX Real 4D Rider, the 4D plaything using cutting edge technology and High Definition visual system to show sharp image. You will be excited by how realistic every scene is.

Real 4D Rider has the specially designed comfortable seat. You will experience the most realistic movie while sitting in a virtual reality roller coaster which will bring you to an actual adventure in the movie for the most excited feeling. Apart from that, you can be confident about the safety because the system of the ride is designed with highest safety. You can choose a movie from several of them that give various mood and feeling, such as horror, thriller, adventure, or kids. Be excited by the variety of movie at YMAX where you can be fully enjoyed. :  Tarzan Extreme