Welcome To Zoo kids Zone

Zoo kids Zone in Chiang Mai Zoo is the exhibition zone where cute animals are gathered for kids to learn and there are fun activities waiting for the children to visit and participate in the activities with Chiang Mai Zoo
Zoo kids Zone was improves and developed in every way, which are building and premises, rides, academic media and activities that are prepared to be the zoo for kids that encourage children imagination and give them knowledge.
Inside Zoo kids Zone, there are various parts which are: Globe Hall which is the beginning to entrance Zoo kids Zone. In this part, there are signs with animal information and the map of Zoo kids Zone.
  • Part 2 is Children’s Art hall where children create art work and get knowledge and experience. The hall is large and pleasant. It is the place that helps children to be creative and support their imagination.
  • Part 3 is desert plant zone where are the durable plants that survive the desert, such as cactus, are exhibited, for children to study.
  • Part 4 is the Exhibition hall where the knowledge presentations, animal skeletons, stuffed animals and the organs of various kind of animal are exhibited and children can see them closely
  • Part 5 is playground for children to enjoy and encourage children development. It is a large field where the kids can enjoy many playthings that Chiang Mai Zoo provide for their enjoyment and learning at the same time.
  • Part 6 is Muan Jai Building that is prepared for children to participate in group activities and have a meal. Apart from that, this place can be used for relaxation or multipurpose building that where a lot of children can participate the activities.
  • Part 7 is cement animal figure zone where cement animal figures are exhibited. The animals are consisted of hunter, meat eater and plant eater. It shows the categories and ecosystem of various kinds of animals. There are labels attached to tell the category that the animal belonged to, so that the children can gain knowledge.
  • Part 8 is Adventure Park where the adventure in ancient time is exhibited. In this zone, children will experience fun and enjoyable adventure in an imagination world in the exciting ancient time. There is a small train that the children can enjoy too.