Nakornping Bird Park, Chiang Mai Zoo

The construction of Nakornping Bird Park started in 1992, using a budget about 4.4 million baht, and open for general public on 1995. The bird park was established for 50th Anniversary Celebrations of King Bhumibol Adulyadej's Accession to the Throne. It shall be the learning center to study local birds and more than 10 kinds of foreign birds such as helmeted hornbill, Painted Stork, various kind of hawks, as well as night birds, such as pot-bellied eagle-owl, Brown Fish Owl, etc. In summary, there are more than 1,500 birds. There are living areas for each kind of birds covered by a net, totalling to 6 Rai area. The condition inside the bird park still remain the same abundant forest of Doi Suthep - Pui National Park. There are large trees, waterfall and water course passing the area. Tourist can enjoy the beauty of various kinds of birds inside Nakornping Bird Park.
After it has been opened for 14 years, Nakornping Bird Park started to be worn out and it is impacted by the incident when there was a heavy rainstorm, resulting in flood that bring soil, stone, sand, wood sticks and large trees through the direction of Ku Din Khao natural waterfall located in Nakornping Bird Park. After the storm stopped, Chiang Mai Zoo officers had thoroughly survey the place and found that there are a lot of damages to the entrance-exit door and the net covering the bird park.
Until 2010, Chiang Mai Zoo received a budget of 20.3 million baht for building and improving the condition and the ecosystem inside Nakornping Bird Park, so that it becomes a place for keeping various kinds of birds all over the world and an important place for research and study in terms of conservation. The process took 1 year 2 months to finish. ; New dimension of service providing at Nakornping Bird Park in terms of conservation and ecosystem imitation ; Ecosystem is the most important unit in the study of relation between living creatures and environment because it consists of various kinds of living creatures. There are environmental matter, mineral and energy exchange through food chain where the living creatures consume creatures in order, so the matter and mineral are circulated in the system and become cycle. As a result, the energy is passed on in each stage of the food chain. When categorizing the components of ecosystem, it usually categorized into 2 main components which are living components and non-living components. ; Life relation and Ecosystem Imitation inside Nakornping Bird Park
Chiang Mai Zoo has imitated the ecosystem both in terms of living components and non-living components. For living components, there are various kinds of animal such as variety of poultries, small mammals, e.g. mouse-deer; barking deer; small deer; bearcat; squirrel; and rabbit, aquatic animals in fish category, e.g. fish that naturally live in watershed forest, large ornamental fishes, e.g. carp, as well as large trees, flowering plants and foliage plants to balance the imitated ecosystem with the non-living components.
The water system and fresh air ventilation system is the main components. For water system management, the waterway of Ku Din Khao natural waterfall has been dredged up and improved since the waterfall is rich with nutrient and natural mineral, so the living creatures can consume and combusted. An additional large waterfall system is created in order to increase air ventilation. Apart from that there is a spray system that will spray water down from the structure above in order to provide natural humidity to all animals and plants. This is to exchange matter, mineral and energy that connect living creature with environment through the imitated ecosystem inside Nakornping Bird Park Chiang Mai Zoo.
New dimension of Nakornping Bird Park is conservative ecosystem to maintain the natural condition where various kinds of animal lives together in watershed forest area at of Doi Suthep – Pui, so they can live together happily inside Nakornping Bird Park. The objective is to make the bird park become a place for studying about biological system and behaviour of bird when there are various kinds of them living together inside Nakornping Bird Park, and also to become learning center about ecology of more than 132 kinds of poultries, 3,093 in total for students and general public. In addition, the bird park can be a place where tourist can relax. Therefore, in this new dimension of Nakornping Bird Park, the tourist shall experience ecosystem in watershed forest without taking long journey or go trekking.
Nakornping Bird Park is like the gem that shine its natural beauty. It is the spell of landscape and environmental beauty. 
When you pass the entrance of Nakornping Bird Park, you will feel the natural coolness of rain forest. The waterfall that pour down to hit the stone and become water spray make it even more delighted. The fresh smell of flowering plants fills the air. Smelling the sweet scent and seeing the true beauty of the nature around us is an impressive and unforgettable experience.
Various kind of birds chirping sound is like the music of the forest. The faint sound of bird singing happily is like the song that is soothing the heart of the forest. The sweet sound that comes with the air helps to get rid of stress and there are only a relaxing feeling left every time.