Chiangmai Zoo Aquarium

Dive down to the underwater world and experience the miracle place beyond imagination with good activities waiting for you. ; Scuba exploring / Snorkeling exploring activities
Experience the new adventure in underwater tunnel with the wonderful diving trip to see the world’s longest underwater tunnel. The activities are Snorkeling Explorer and Scuba Explorer without having to travel to the sea.
Carp Milk Feeding Activity :
This activity will make you enjoy the cuteness of the pleading carp that you can feed them milk. You will feel like you are feeding the baby - Schedule 11.20 hrs. and 14.20 hrs. In front of aquarium zone.
Water bicycle activity :

Enjoy the water bicycle activity to see the beautiful view of waterfall among the nature. It is the activity that is appropriate for the couple or family. It is one of the enjoyable activity. – Water bicycle fee is 60 baht for15 minutes and 100 baht for 30 minutes.
Water Ball Activity
Enjoy water ball activity which is the activity that is appropriate for children who are interested in new fun activity. It is one of the activity you should not miss. – Service fee is 90 baht per person
Animals & Exhibit


Zone 1 River basin survey in deep wood

mountain in deep wood

Learn about the source and ecosystem of the headwaters of the river, the importance of forest to water stream, water conservation by people who live in water source area and aquatic lives from the headwaters of the river .See the beauty of the Queen Crab which is the queen of fresh water crab and waterfall prawns which are the prawns that marches to lay eggs at the headwaters in flooding season.

Water basin area 

The journey of water from the headwater until the end that brings richness and miracle of water ecosystem and rare aquatic animals around main river basin in Thailand which is the key blood vein that take care of people lives in each region, i.e. Chao Phraya River, Mekong River and Salween River. Meet Bengal freshwater eel that have amazing lifecycle, Siamese tigerfish which is an elegant King of the river stream, glass catfish which is world’s most transparent fish. Apart from that, you will see the beauty of various kinds of water plants in the exhibition zone.

Wetland forest

This is the center of culture and civilization.It reflects ancient tribe civilization and it is the place to keep more than 20 kinds of fresh water fish that are originated from amazon basin such as dragonfish or arowana, red-tailed catfish, Megalodoras Irwini as well as other rare aquatic animal from domestic and foreign countries such as threadfins that nowadays is extinct from natural water resource. ;
Beauty and the Beasts ;
The nature creates beauty and special body for the aquatic animal, so that they can live in their natural environment. Meet axolotl or Mexican salamander. Some people call them legged fish. It is a salamander that lives in the water all its life. The wonderful body can grow back all the time. There is also wolf herring which is like a living knife. It is a rare and nearly extinct fish from Mekong.
Zone 2 Predator monster

This large cave can be considered as the biggest indoor reptile exhibition in Thailand. Meet tarantula, red-eyed tree frog, Chinese water dragon, chameleon or green cliff frog which is the rare frog that can be found only in northern and southern Thailand. Moreover, the green cliff frog at the zoo is the type that can be found only at Doi Inthanon, Doi Suthep and the place nearby only.

Zone 3 Ocean Survey

Fascinating Seashore

Wonderful fascinated charm of seashore is the area similar to a bridge connecting the land and the sea. There will be cobbler fish, milk fish, conger eel, ribbon eel, rarely seen upside-down jellyfish, brownbanded bamboo shark and its eggs. The balance of nature results in the birth of more than 100 baby brownbanded bamboo sharks in the sea on the top of the mountain.

Color of the Sea

The natural created color and beauty of coral reef, anemone and variety of tiny fish, such as butterflyfish, angelfish together with the famous star from the animation "Finding Nemo” that the kids call "Nemo”

Touching and feeding pond

Give you new experience in the zone that you can touch the marine lives such as with bare hands, such as starfish and sea cucumber. Apart from that, it is the zone where you will be excited with fish feeding the gentle and playful Cownose rays and Leopard shark.

My life is a secret

You will experience the wonderful life of the living creatures, fascination of the interesting secret of life of aquatic animal that you may never see before. See exhibition of the rare fish such as nautilus, origin of world’s first submarine, flower urchin which is the small living creature that loves dressing, scorpion fish or frogfish that can hide harmoniously in the nature, as well as male seahorse that is called the Great Father. You can learn and get to know these animal in this zone.

Zone 4 Secret Underwater

It is a 66.5-meter long fresh water tunnel that imitate the life under Mekong River. There are rare fresh water fish from around the world, such as the 2.5-meter long Arapaima gigas, Himantura Chaophraya, Giant freshwater whipray, Chao Phraya giant catfish, Clown featherback, albino striped catfish, Giant barb as well as Mekong giant catfish "The Giant of Mekong River”
Zone 5 Amazing Miracle
-Dangerous fish under the sea

Be excited by the dangerous poisonous fish that will make you surprise by their brutality, such as the giant moray with sharp teeth and Arothron stellatus with very sharp spines when it is inflated and plotosus with nice mustache.

- Wold of jellyfish

See the beauty of various kind of rarely seen jellyfish inside a large panorama aquarium and the jellyfish unique display in the form of submarine. Meet moon jellyfish that has transparent body with half-moon shape gonad which is why it is named moon jellyfish. Apart from that, there are upside-down jellyfish with the body color similar to seaweed and there are many other kinds of jellyfish available at the exhibition. Zone 6 Blue Under Water World
Inside the 66.5-meter long sea tunnel, the wonderful story of lives under water is told. You will see the how the groups of ornamental fishes; predator like whitetip reef shark, Gray reef shark and sleepy shark that are more than 3 meters long; and school of giant grouper live together. There are also eagle ray that is known as the bird of sea and other kinds of rays in the exhibition zone that perfectly imitate the marine ecosystem, e.g. coral reef ecosystem, seaweed ecosystem and deep sea ecosystem.
Entrance fee : 
  • Child 190 baht  *Child : age between 11-14 years old
  • Adult 290 baht

Fee for Snorkeling exploring

  • Child 500 baht *Child : age between 11-14 years old
  • Adult 500baht
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