Monocled Cobra (Naja kaouthia)

Habitat :

HABITAT AND ECOLOGY This species can adapt to a range of habitats, including both natural and anthropogenically-modified environments. It prefers habitats associated with water, such as paddy fields, swamps, and mangroves, but can also be found in grasslands, shrublands, and forests. It also occurs in agricultural land and human settlements, including cities. It occurs up to 1,000 m elevation.

Current Status :

This species is listed on CITES Appendix II. Its large geographic distribution is coincident with a number of protected areas. As part of the Naja naja complex (with N. naja, N. atra and N. siamensis), this species is protected in Vietnam (where members of the complex are listed as nationally Endangered - Dang et al. 2007) by government decree, limiting commercial exploitation. The China Species Red List lists this snake as nationally Vulnerable (Wang and Xie 2009). Due to its extensive use more research on how harvesting is impacting the population in major areas of its range is recommended.


CLASS : Reptilia

ORDER : Squamata

FAMILY : Elapidae

GENUS : Naja

SPECIES : Monocled Cobra (Naja kaouthia)

Conservation status : Least Concern

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Update : 11 April 2017