Giant Madagascar Day Gecko (Phelsuma grandis)

Habitat :

Although this species occurs in both intact and degraded native forests it is also found in other habitats, including orchards, where there is a good range of perches and an ample food supply (D'Cruze et al. 2009). It is common on large trees and on the walls of buildings in towns and villages.

Current Status :

Leaet Concern This species occurs in anthropogenic habitats as well as native forest, including protected forests in Montagne d'Ambre National Park and the new protected area at Montagne des Français. The taxon was recently elevated to a full species and it is now important to update its distribution, biological and ecological information. Updates to the CITES database and national legislation are needed in light of the taxonomic changes.


CLASS : Reptilia

ORDER : Squamata

FAMILY : Gekkonidae

GENUS : Phelsuma

SPECIES : Giant Madagascar Day Gecko (Phelsuma grandis)

Conservation status : Least Concern

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Update : 11 April 2017