White-crowned Hornbill (Berenicornis comatus)

Interesting :

The male and female have different characteristics. The head, neck, and wing edge of the male are white and the rest are black. For the female, it has the black neck and body and a black large mouth. The crest of both male and female is white.

Habitat :

Can be found in Asia continent around Sumatra area, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Tanowsri massif. For Thailand, it can be found only in the South and some part of the West, for example; Kankrajan national park. This species occurs in primary semi-evergreen and evergreen forests from sea level to 1,675 m, but usually below 600 m. It may also occupy secondary woodland and plantations in areas with adjacent primary forest. As such, areas of suitable habitat for this species extend beyond protected areas, whereas the habitat of many other hornbill species has become restricted to protected areas (Trisurat et al. 2013).

Food :

The food are small reptiles, for example; snakes, chameleon, skink, including fruit, figs

Behavior :

Stays together as a small troop and often make a loud noise. It lives in tropical rain forest from the foothills level to the height of 600 meters from the sea level or higher.

Current Status :

Near Threatened


CLASS : Aves

ORDER : Bucerotiformes

FAMILY : Bucerotidae

GENUS : Berenicornis

SPECIES : White-crowned Hornbill (Berenicornis comatus)

Conservation status : Endangered

Reproductive :

The breeding behavior of the White-crowned hornbill is the same as that of other hornbill. It never changes its couple throughout its life. The female will lay eggs in the hollow of the tree and the male will seek for the food to feed the mother of the bird and the chick.

Size and weight :

The White-crowned hornbill has the body size of approximately 90 centimeters.

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Update : 11 April 2017